What is Scottish Culture?

The country is internationally recognised as the home of golf, kilts, bagpipes and whisky. St Andrews and the golf courses of the west coast are famous throughout the world with their almost unique brand of links golf.  Whisky is produced and exported all over the world. The clean and plentiful water of the Highlands coupled with the natural peat give the drink its wonderful flavour.

The patron saint of Scotland is Saint Andrew. This day is celebrated in Scotland on the 30th November. Scots celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland’s greatest poet, on the 25th January. Both these events are also celebrated by the Society in Beijing.

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, celebrates the New Year, known as “Hogmanay” with an international party in Princes Street which is held underneath the walls of the Castle. The city also hosts an annual international arts festival in August and September. Many people flock to both these famous events from all parts of the globe.

The kilt and the bagpipe are two of the most recognised cultural icons of Scotland, with the skirl of the pipes and gentle sway of the clan tartan in a kilt forging strong memories of the country for both visitors and Scots alike.