Dance practice details for St. Andrew’s Ball 2019

Just a quick reminder that dance practices begin this Thursday, 21 November, at 7pm. The second dance practice will be the following Thursday (28th), also starting from 7pm. The dance practices are open to those guests who have purchased tickets for the Ball.

圣安德鲁斯慈善舞会舞蹈练习对购买了舞会门票的客人开放. 第一次免费的舞蹈练习将于本周四,11月21日晚上7点开始. 第二次下个周四(28号), 也是晚上7点开始.

All dance practices will be held at the British School in Sanlitun.


Location Details:


British School of Beijing Primary Campus, No.5 XiLiuJie, Sanlitun Rd



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Please reserve ball tickets in advance by emailing this account or sending a WeChat to: oliverbarron